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I just wanted to get a post up before the event was too long gone.  Yesterday was Philly Zine Fest and it was the culmination of my finishing my first zine.  I’m beyond happy with it and apparently it was quite a success because the final copy is being given away this week and when I make more copies, several of them are already called for.  I came home with a smile on my face and a bag full of awesome trades (I’m going to compile a picture tomorrow.)  It was great to get to hang out with so many friends new and old, both local and from out of state/country.  And I had a blast bullshitting all day with the Our Friend The Atom crew. (http://www.oftacomics.com/)  I can’t wait to get cracking at a new project and start plotting future tabling ventures.

Thanks to Ramsey, whom I stole all the photos from, for inadvertently documenting my writing process, assembling at Staples process, and hanging out in bright corners process.  (http://everydaypants.com/)

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  1. everydaypants said: smoking in staples is part of your process?! heathen!
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